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Car Hauler Trailers For Sale

What Are Car Hauler Trailers Used For?

Car haulers are often used for - you guessed it - transporting vehicles! Car haulers help individuals who need to move cars safely and efficiently, so these types of trailers are often used by car dealerships, auto transport companies, and individuals with many cars. You might also spot a car enthusiast who loves to show off their cars at car shows, races, or other similar types of events. There are multiple types of car trailers, and they each come with their own benefits. We’ll outline below things you should consider when purchasing a car trailer. Click here to view our guide at the bottom of the page.

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Picking Out Your Car Trailer

Before just picking out any trailer, there are things you should consider such as size, weight capacity, interior vs exterior, and more. Specifically for trailers designed to haul cars and automotive aspects, you’ll want to consider all cars you might want to transport.


First you should take measurements. The last thing you need is a trailer that is too short for the car, or cars, you’ll be hauling. If you need to haul multiple cars at a time, you’ll need a longer trailer.

Weight Capacity

Hand-in-hand with the size, you’ll want to match the size with weight capacity. If the cars you are hauling are bigger, you’ll want to make sure the trailer can handle the weight. You might need to consider a higher quality axle, or even tandem axle trailers to ensure the trailer can handle the weight. We also have trailers that have 3 or more, depending on your needs.


You’re going to want to consider what the trailer is made out of. We carry high quality Load Trail Trailers, which are made with high quality materials and coatings to ensure they handle tough jobs and last for a long time. If you skimp out on the materials, your trailer will get beat up quick, and the last thing you need is a broken trailer!


There are many different types of car haulers out there, and they all have unique features. Some have ramps, while others have a tilt feature, which is excellent for cars that have low clearance. You can also consider other features, such as winches, storage compartments, as well as other options. You can give us a call or come by for a visit to see what’s available.

Buying Your Trailer From Recon Trailers

Recon Trailers has been helping people in all over Canada for over 20 years with all of their trailer needs. Whether you need help with finding the perfect trailer, financing, parts, trailer services, or anything else trailer related, we’ll help you!

To reach out, you can call us anytime at (587) 643-9999, or you can fill out one of our forms on our website. Visit our financing page to apply for our incredible financing program, or if you need help with a prior trailer you’ve purchased from us, you can schedule a time for services through our website. We look forward to serving you!

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